Monday, 20 March 2017


                                                                    Grace                                           John Simlett
Oil on Linen Canvas
(12 x 9.5 inches)


  1. Her hair is uncannily real - the way you painted it falling on the forehead like that. I am used to artists doing good eyes and mouths, but not the hair as good as you have done here. Soft, wispy and not stuck to the skin - definitely air flowing around. Well done, John.
    I notice this is specifically a Portrait website - so you must find yourself really enjoying doing them. I am grateful I painted my parents and wish I had had more expertise, but portraiture never gave me a deep satisfaction enough to focus more on it. I am happy you have found something to bring you to that level.
    You sure have the skills!! Have s great week John and thanks for the great comments.

    1. Just found this, many thanks for your kind and supportive comments, Julie

  2. John, Grace is a beauty with her red hair and blue eyes and her pouty sweet.
    Gorgeous art!!! Wonderful art!!!

  3. Beautiful, John! I love this - realistic, but leaves a bit to the imagination. I so admire your talent!